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Meet the Doctors at Elite Spine Center

Elite Spine Center’s goal is to keep you doing what you love doing and restoring mobility to the people of Gaston county. Everyone deserves better mobility and pain free living and so do you. Our purpose is to change the health of Belmont and surrounding areas and inspire people into better health. Not only are we decreasing healthcare costs with natural care but we are also decreasing opioid use in a time when the use of such drugs is classified as a healthcare crisis. A study by Yale University showed that people who have visited a Chiropractor are 50% less likely to be issued and to receive an opioid prescription.

Dr. Pate

Dr. Ed Pate

Dr. Pate of all people would know. He began his career as a pharmacist dispensing these very drugs. After a chiropractor fixed his long standing back and hip pain, he began to notice how many people just weren’t getting better on prescriptions for musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. He wanted to help people get better like his chiropractor helped him, so he went back to school to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Walker

Dr. Chelsy Walker

Dr. Walker shares the same passion for helping people improve their spine health. She knows the importance of chiropractic care because she has been going to the chiropractor since she was a baby! It’s important for kids and young adults to have their spines evaluated too. Dr. Walker became a Chiropractor after helping people as a sports trainer for high school students and fell in love with helping people with their musculoskeletal health.

Outside of the Office: Montcross chamber members, Crossfit Belmont members, North Carolina Chiropractic association members, Integrity verified doctors.

Volunteer work: Outside in (youth experiencing homelessness), Volunteers of America center for women and children

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